Saturday, November 7, 2015

Eat the Butter at the Library

Ending the War on Fat at the Cooper-Siegel
Community Library on
Monday, November 9 at 7 pm

 Why are so many people (70% of us) struggling with extra weight?

Why are we always hungry? 

Why are 50% of American adults either diabetic or prediabetic? WHAT -- 50%? That can't be right... but it is.

Why is it that chronic diseases drive more than half of our nation's health care bill?

Why are so many Americans sick? Is something fundamentally wrong with our ideas about healthy eating?

Eat the Butter is a grassroots, mother-to-mother movement, founded in the Fox Chapel area, designed to start a conversation about these questions. This group offers a move towards a back-to-basics approach to healthy eating. Eat the Butter is about 'Vintage Eating for Vibrant Health.' You can choose to fill your shopping carts with the basics -- real food... including naturally fatty foods like meat, nuts, and, yes, even butter. You can choose to leave processed, sugary products and engineered, low-fat creations on the grocery store shelves.

Has our forty-year national experiment with a low-fat diet failed most of us? Come to the library on Monday evening at 7 pm to learn about this movement to healthier fat with Jenni Calihan of Eat the Butter.

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